Slovenia, oh how I love you!

Many people have no idea where Slovenia is, let alone are lucky enough to visit. It was my favorite country by FAR and I am already planning a trip back. (in my dreams hehe)

Let me catch you up... my sister Brianna and I just got back from two weeks in Europe. Here is a look at where we all traveled to: TORONTO, CANADA > AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS > VIENNA, AUSTRIA > KRAKOW, POLAND > BUDAPEST, HUNGARY > LJUBLIANA, SLOVENIA > VENICE, ITALY > ROME, ITALY

On the way to Ljubliana we stopped at the most majestical town on EARTH, Lake Bled. If I could drop everything and move to Slovenia, I probably would. I have never seen such clear or blue water surrounded by trees and the most beautiful wooden boats.

Known for-

Lake Bled is famous for their "Bled cake", which is a cake layered with heavenly cream and a crunchy pastry crust. It was so fluffy and yummy!

After our (too) short stop at Lake Bled, it was back in the coach to head to Ljubliana. Fun fact- Melania Trump was born in this beautiful city.

Ljubliana was super colorful and oh so beautiful!! There is a very magical vibe that comes along with the city. I loved just walking around and talking to locals. We only were in the city for the night, but I am so glad that we stopped and I CANNOT wait to go back!!

Off to Italy to end the Europe series!

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