Life Lately & Back to Classes

I have been home in Pennsylvania for a little over two weeks now and I have officially given myself enough time to process that I am not going to return to SCAD to finish classes like normal for my last quarter of my sophomore year.

I ended my winter quarter on a high, getting all A's in my classes, getting selected to be a SCAD student ambassador (!!!!!!!), and getting accepted to study abroad at the Lacoste campus in France for FALL 2020!! I worked incredibly hard and I felt like not going back to Savannah for Spring was taking away all of those things for me. However, after taking my first class this morning, I am feeling very optimistic about my spring quarter online.

I am taking a full course load this quarter, just to stay on track for my classes that I am scheduled to take in Lacoste. My first class is Fashion Merchandising, Planning, and Control, which is a class that explores, sales maximization, a buying plan, mathematical concepts and other terms that are used in the industry. I am also taking a math class, and an art history. I had to switch some classes around that were better suited for the new online format.

There is so much uncertainty going on in the world right now, however, I feel SCAD did the best job they could have shifting our classroom to an online setting. I hope all of you are staying well and safe in quaratine!

I never thought I would miss pulling all nighters and the sound of a sewing machine or sitting on the most uncomfortable stools for hours on end until my fingers are bleeding from hand beading a swatch, but this is my life right now and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have learned SO much about myself, fashion and just the world in general by leaving this small town and opening my mind just a little. One thing I have learned after every little hiccup is when life hands you lemons, or a global pandemic, make some lemonade and enjoy the ride. Who knows what the next months will bring, I just know Louie Vee and I are safe and loved in PA!

Here are some of my favorite memories and projects that I created during my sophomore year. This new quarter may not be my most creative, but I'll be back in Savannah and living my best creative life soon!

Write soon,

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