Eyelash Extensions

I have had eyelash extensions for going on two years now, and I am in L-O-V-E with them! They are super low maintenance and make my life 10x easier! I do not wear a lot of make-up day to day, so I wake up everyday ready to go!

I put a question box on IG last week and wanted to be sure I answered all of the questions about them!

Q: Do you put mascara on them?

A: NO!!! If you put mascara on, you could potentially ruin your natural lashes and you will not have good retention.

Q: Will they ruin your natural lashes?

A: If you properly take care of them, and your lash technician applies them correctly, your natural lashes should NOT be damaged at all!

Q: Are you careful not to get them wet?

A: The only time you can't (or shouldn't I should say) get them wet is 12-24 hrs after your full-set or fill. This time is crucial to allow the glue to set and waiting the full 24 hrs after your fill is when you'll have the best retention. I have showered and worked out before the full 12-24 hour period has passed and have been totally fine. For your first full set, you need to wait at least 24 hours!

Once the wait period is up, I have showered, gone swimming in a lake, the ocean, and pool with my lashes! They are the BEST in the summer because you can spend all day in the water like I do and still feel glamorous and put-together!

Q: How often do you need a fill after the initial full set?

A: I go every two weeks for a fill. Some go up to three weeks, but I like them to be as full as possible. Your lashes shed just like your skin cells and hair does, so you will need to get a fill to maintain the fullness look.

Q: Are they expensive to maintain?

A: Depending on where you live and what salon you go to, DEF. My old salon fills used to be $75 every two weeks and I just felt it was way too expensive.... my lash tech moved locations, and I found a salon that is much more affordable, and they even offer a SCAD discount. If you're in SAV, go see Keyana at Spa Blue!!

Q: Can you wear eyeshadow?

A: YES!! You just have to make sure you wash the eyeshadow off every night!

That's all for the questions! I will show y'all how I clean my lashes on IG stories this week. For my lash recommendations, I just say you should brush them every. single. day, as well as clean them when you feel they need it. They are investment and if you take care of them properly, it will show it!

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